2014 Work (Coming Soon)

2013 Work (Coming Soon)

2012 Work

St. Mary's Academy Board Game

A playable board game illustration, a two-page spread featured in the St. Mary's annual print publication, IMPRINT.

St. Mary's Board Game

St. Mary's Academy Fund Brochure

A mix of fun and professional style, this brochure appeals to the donors that sponsor the education of young women at St. Mary's Academy.

Academy Brochure

PB & J Infographic

A visual representation of factual information concerning peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and their prevalence in America.

PBJ Infographic

Ivan and the Wolf I

A series of fantastic storybook illustrations.

Ivan And The Wolf

2011-2012 University Internship & Freelancing

Work done during my 2011-2012 Schoolyear, as an intern and freelance designer. Largely promotional materials such as posters and projector slides.

2011-2012 Schoolyear Work

Logo Samples

Various personal and client logo samples

Logo Samples

Declaration of Independence

From traditional American document, to modern typographic booklet.

Declaration Of Independence

Personal Branding

Demonstration of my branding/identity
creation skills.

Personal Portfolio/Branding

TransCore Publications

Working within and refreshing a corporate branding system.

Working within TransCore Branding

World of Tea

The facts about tea origins, caffeine content, and more in one infographic poster.

World Of Tea

Oregon Symphony Brochure

Student booklet design project done in conjuction with the Oregon Symphony.

Oregon Symphony Booklet

"Curse Eater"

Illustration demonstrating composition, storytelling, and photoshop skills.

Curse Eater

Twice Cleansed Soap Packaging

Soap for redemption.

Twice Cleansed Soap Packaging

Other Illustrations

See illustrations in photoshop, ink, and pencils, including comic art.

Other Illustrations